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The proper study of history begins with a firm belief in the authoritative Word of God. Social culture, history, and geography can be evaluated correctly only when the design and purpose of God is considered. Rod and Staff's texts seek to honor God and view man and his actions in Biblical perspective.

In keeping with a Biblical perspective, these textbooks center on the place of God's people in history, instead of idealizing military heroes and super-power nations. We want to guide our students to a better understanding of God's unfolding plan for mankind rather than following man's pursuits, achievements, and culture from a humanistic perspective.

Many archaeological findings have proven the accuracy of the Biblical record. But whether or not available historical material exists to prove the Bible, every event happened just as the Bible says it did. We do not have to prove the Bible correct; it is true regardless of what men believe. This is a guiding principle in the study of history, especially ancient history.

It is our prayer that these texts may be used to the glory of God by enabling all who use them to clearly see the hand of Almighty God in history.

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Homelands Around the World gives Grade 4 pupils a glimpse of the world's geography, cultures, and wildlife from a Biblical perspective. It is both a storybook and a textbook. As a storybook, it portrays the lives of children in various lands and cultures. As a textbook, it explains some of the underlying reasons for differences in people's lives.

Homelands of North America gives Grade 5 pupils a glimpse of the geography, history, and economics of the United States and Canada. There are 78 lessons including the reviews at the end of each chapter.

This book contains many maps, illustrations, and photographs. "Study Exercises" provide a basic review for each lesson. The classes that have more time or the students who ne d extra work will find extra material in "Further Study." These questions are often excellent for class discussion.

Understanding Latin America teaches the geography and history of Latin America from a Biblical viewpoint. By gaining a better understanding of the earth and its people in relation to God's dealings, pupils can be better fitted for the service of God.

Understanding the Old World covers the geography and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East from a Biblical perspective. The story of God's Old Testament people, the Jews, and His New Testament people, the faithful Christians, is woven into the history chapters.

Understanding North American History tells how Europeans discovered, explored, and settled North America; describes the people who lived here when Europeans came; and explains how economic and cultural change took place. In addition to United States history, this course includes an overview of Canadian history and of United States and Canadian geography.

Understanding the Past Five Centuries covers the last five centuries of world history from a Biblical perspective. Students will learn about different types of governments, and about the effects of enocomics and trade. Influential worldly religions, philosophies, and economic systems are explained, such as Islam, Hinduism, deism, communism, democracy, socialism, fascism, imperialism, and capitalism.

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