Rod and Staff Penmanship - Grade 1

Penmanship Grade 1:

Penmanship for Christian Writing

The penmanship course in Grade 1 includes 150 lessons and is organized into 5 units, not all of equal length. A 367-page hardcover teacher's guide shows a reduced pupil's page and gives detailed teaching instructions for each lesson.

The formation of each of the capital and small manuscript letters and numerals is taught. The major goal for Grade 1 is: by the end of the year the children should have manuscript writing and numerals well established both in theory and in practice. The children should also know (1) how letters are composed of strokes; (2) how to write their names; (3) how to write words in sentences and space cor´┐Żrectly between them; (4) how to get letters in proper proportion and at the proper height.

Pupil Workbooks

The 5 units are in three 9" high x 11. 75" wide workbooks with tear-out sheets. The first workbook (108 pages) contains Units 1 and 2. Unit 1 begins with the basic strokes used in the formation of manuscript letters, Unit 2 moves on to small letters and numerals. Letters formed by a similar stroke pattern are grouped together to facilitate easy learning. For example, by using lines that go across and lines that go down, pupils form the letters 1, i, and t, and the numerals 1 and 4. Pupils combine letters they have learned to form words.

The second workbook (l08 pages) contains Units 3 and 4. Unit 3 teaches how to form words and properly space the letters. Unit 4 teaches capital letters are taught. More practice is given printing numerals and words.

Unit 5 in the third workbook (100 pages) concentrates on printing sentences. Attention is given to the spacing between words and to the proper formation of each letter and numeral. The pupils take the first step toward decreased size in handwriting and to accommodate the writing of sentences by learning to use 1/2" spaced lines for the lessons.

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide gives direction to the teacher on what goals to strive for, how to fill out the workbooks, and how to conduct the class so that the children gain the clearest possible understanding of each lesson. It also gives other diagnostic, remedial, and informative suggestions. Each lesson in the Teacher's Guide has a reduction of the student workbook lesson for handy reference.

Each lesson in Units 1-4 follows the same format in the Teacher's Guide. First, a reduced copy of the pupil workbook pages for the lesson is shown, followed by Aim of the Lesson, Directions, Conducting the Class, and Further Helps for the Teacher. In Unit 5, Aim of the Lesson is followed by only Instructions for the Teacher.

Printing Practice

Printing Practice workbooks are available with the Grade 1 of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series (see page 50 of this book) and may be preferred as an option to the penmanship series for Grade 1. These workbooks teach the formation of the letters in the same order that the letter sounds are introduced in the Bible Nurture and Reader Series.

Extra Tablets Available

Each lesson in the Penmanship and Printing Practice workbooks has practice lines on the back of the tear-out sheet. Optional penmanship tablets of 100 sheets each (ruled on both sides) is also available for any writing practice or assignments. The 1" ruled tablet is for use during Units 1-4 of the Penmanship series and Units 1-3 of Printing Practice. The lines are spaced 1" apart with a middle dashed line to help children proportion their letters properly. In Unit 5 of the Penmanship series and Units 4 and 5 of Printing Practice, the 3/4" ruled tablet should be used to help the pupils make the first step toward decreased size in handwriting and to accommodate the writing of sentences.

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