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The Readers, Reading Workbooks, and Phonics Workbooks compose Grade 2 of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series. Each of these divisions is arranged in 5 units with 30 lessons in each unit, making a total of 150 lessons. All the lessons are based on Bible stories.

Grade 2 reviews and expands what was taught in first grade, placing a strong emphasis on phonics.

The 170 lessons of Grade 2 are bound in four workbooks. Unit 1 reviews addition and subtraction facts through 10, and other skills taught in Grade 1. Unit 2 teaches all the addition and subtraction factions for the 11s, 12s, and 13s, and carrying and borrowing as well. Unit 3 teaches the 14s and 15s, and Unit 4 teaches the 16s, 17s, and 18s. Continuous review is built into the lessons, and simple reading problems are practiced frequently. Speed drills are included in the workbooks. Money, time, and measures are reviewed; pounds and ounces are introduced, along with one-dollar bills. Calendars, graphs, and quarter-hour and five-minute time increments are taught.

Preparing to Build contains 6 units and a short dictionary. Each unit closes with review lessons, an extra activity, and a poem. (Unit 6, as a supplementary unit, does not follow this pattern.)

The penmanship course in Grade 2 is composed of 60 lessons in one workbook with tearout pages, and a 157-page teacher's guide that shows a reduced pupil's page and gives detailed teaching instructions for each lesson. It reviews the formation of each of the capital and small manuscript letters and the numerals; then it progresses to teaching slant print. The slant print strokes are taught first, followed by the slant print small and capital letters, and numerals. Pupils print many sentences using slant print letters. Slant print is taught as an introduction to cursive writing.

The 71-page Grade 2 spelling workbook offers exercises for 12 words in each of the 34 weekly lessons except the review lessons. Each 2-page lesson has 2 main parts.

The Teacher's Edition is a pupil book with the answers filled in plus a 31-page section of teacher instructions in the front that explains each lesson.

Beginning in Music Two has 36 one-sided, tear-out worksheets that review and drill syllable shapes and kinds of tones. This course is more advanced than the Grade 1 course in that pupils learn to draw shaped notes and characters showing note values, and they are drilled in writing the names and values of the notes. Rests are included in Grade 2. Pupils learn to draw and label rests. Worksheets 10, 19, 30, and 34 are tests.

The health and proper care of our bodies is of great importance as well as are the courtesies and general helpfulness and consideration to others. The best time for children to learn these good habits is when they are young.

This Grade 2 book presents practical health guidelines in a fascinating way and in a manner with which children can easily identify. Stories and pictures are included, which aid in learning the concepts. Simple directions enable the students to work independently, with little help from the teacher.

Our Father's World is a simple course that introduces and explains basic geographical terms—continent, ocean, lake, city, state, province, and country. Basic surface features are discussed—mountains, hills, deserts, valleys, and plains. The purpose and structure of globes and maps are taught. Twelve of the 30 lessons are stories about children around the world. Each story is cast in the setting of a child's surroundings and activities on a March day.

God's Created World consists of 30 lessons bound in a hardcover textbook, with an accompanying workbook containing exercises and an occasional craft project. This course introduces science concepts that will be explored in greater detail in Grade 3, including seasons, vegetables and flowers, domestic vs. wild animals, a sampling of animals of various classes, the sun, moon, and stars, and weather.

Two art courses are available for Grade 2. Developing Motor Skills in Art includes more paper and craft projects. Art With a Purpose has more coloring and drawing exercises. These courses can greatly minimize the teacher's workload and give practical direction to art skills. It is recommended for both of these courses that the teacher have her own student packet or Artpac to do sample lessons beforehand. Extra packets would provide spares for the times someone needs to start over.

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