Rod and Staff Reading - Grade 2

Reading Grade 2:

Stories About God's People

The Readers, Reading Workbooks, and Phonics Workbooks compose Grade 2 of the Bible Nurture and Reader Series. Each of these divisions is arranged in 5 units with 30 lessons in each unit, making a total of 150 lessons. All the lessons are based on Bible stories.

Grade 2 reviews and expands what was taught in first grade, placing a strong emphasis on phonics.


The 2 hardcover readers contain Units 1, 2, 3 (302 pages) and Units 4, 5 (261 pages) respectively. The first unit reviews the stories from Genesis studied in Grade 1. Units 2, 3, and 4 continue the Old Testament stories from the bondage of Egypt to the death of King Saul. Unit 5 consists of stories about Jesus, taken from the Gospel of Mark.

Reading Workbooks

There are 5 separate workbooks, 1 for each unit. The number of pages varies in each workbook, ranging from 128 to 171. All the workbooks follow the same general pattern and include practice with vocabulary words, comprehension skills, sentence making, and so forth. A test is included at the end of each unit.

Phonics Workbooks

The 3 phonics workbooks consist of Unit 1 (68 pages), Units 2 and 3 (132 pages), and Units 4 and 5 (132 pages). These lessons are not as closely dependent upon the reader as the reading workbooks are. Therefore, this phonics course may be used as an independent study, or as a remedial phonics course for older students. However, it is advantageous for the child to do the corresponding lessons in the reader, the reading workbook, and the phonics workbook each day. A test is included for each unit.

Teacher's Manuals

The Reading Teacher's Manual (261 pages) and the Phonics Teacher's Manual (152 pages) each give information about all the units in the workbooks they refer to. They give many helpful pointers for teaching each lesson, exercises for oral drill and extra practice, besides the answer keys for the workbooks.

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

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