Rod and Staff Science - Grade 4

Science Grade 4:

God's Inspiring World

Pupil's Textbook

Every part of creation reveals a wise and powerful Creator. This God-honoring science course is designed to help students grow in their awareness and interest in the greatness and wisdom of God as seen in the world He created. It should also help students to grow in their knowledge ofthe practical facts and order of the created world.

The course has a total of seven units, each containing an introduction, four or five lessons, and a review lesson. Each unit is self-contained, and the units can be studied in any order. Each unit review prepares students for the unit test.

Every unit introduction in God's Inspiring World makes reference to the inspiring Book of Job. A number of places in the Bible account of Job's discussion with his friends, the subject of the natural world is mentioned. This discourse is followed by the climax of God Himself asking Job and his friends many questions about the world He created.

Each lesson has two sets of questions: Group A and Group B, which break up the lesson into shorter sections for easier learning. Group B includes review questions on the former lessons of the same unit.

Many suggestions for projects and demonstrations are given throughout the hardcover student text, but neither the study exercises nor the tests depend in any way upon doing these activities. However, demonstrations and experiments can do much to stimulate interest and broaden insight.

Teacher's Manual

The hardcover Teacher's Manual has reduced pupil pages with teacher information in shaded areas around the pupil's page. Each of the seven units has a section for the teacher entitled "For Your Inspiration", that relates the subject of the unit to the Book of Job. Most of the lesson plans include "Concepts to Teach", Introducing the Lesson", "Did you know—" (interesting facts about the subject in focus), "Quiz", answers to the questions, and "Extra Activity Comments."

In some lessons, demonstration instructions are given, along with a "materials needed" list. Blackline masters for making copies of a small star guide and a set of constellation flash cards are included in the Teacher's Manual for a way to help teach Unit Three.

Recommended teaching plans aid the teacher in planning how to cover the material effectively. Quizzes that are given for each lesson in the Teacher's Manual can be used to discuss the new vocabulary words. The quizzes for a particular unit could be combined to make a review of the vocabulary of the entire unit.

A reduced copy of each test with answers in place is included at the back of the book.

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