Rod and Staff Bible - Grade 5

Bible Grade 5:

God Chooses a Family


The Bible is the pupil's textbook. The pupil's workbook is designed to be consumable, but it may be reused if the students write their answers on paper. The workbook follows a chronological sequence through the first half of the Old Testament (Creation to the prophet Samuel). The course has thirty lessons divided into six chapters. Each chapter has five lessons and a review. A chapter is intended to provide work for six weeks. There is a final review for the course before the final test is given.

The first lesson of each chapter introduces the chapter, teaches general information about the Bible, and gives practice with using a concordance, Bible dictionary, or other Bible study help. The last four lessons of the chapter follow the chronological study and direct the student to the Bible for answers. Besides teaching Bible facts, these lessons help students learn to use the Bible. They have the following pattern.

  1. Lesson Introduction
  2. A. Answers From the Bible—Exercises that direct the student to Bible passages for answers. This is the core section of the course and should be completed by all students.
  3. B. Bible Word Study—Exercises that increase the student's understanding of un familiar words.
  4. C. Thinking About Bible Truths—Questions for class discussion or additional assignment. This part is often more challenging than the other exercises.
  5. D. Learning More About the Bible—Drawings, maps, and background information to help students better understand Bible facts, customs, and lands.
  6. In both the pupil and teacher books, each chapter is preceded by a time line that shows the time span covered in that chapter. There is also a time line on the inside front cover that shows the scope of the whole book.

    On the inside back cover are tables of measures used in Bible times, given in relation to English and metric measures.

    Teacher's Manual

    The teacher's manual, bound with a durable cover, has a reduced copy of each pupil's page and test with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, main points or events, objectives, and other teaching helps are in the shaded margins. The manual gives suggestions for two- or three-day lesson plans for the course, along with hints for Bible memorization and suggested Bible memory passages.

    Chapter Tests

    The 6 chapter tests and the final test are bound in a booklet with tear-out sheets.

    Time Line: The Human Register

    The Human Register is designed to complement Rod and Staff's Bible courses. This time line covers the approximately 6,000 years of history from the Creation up to our present day. It consists of 13 laminated wall cards, each 12" wide by 9" high; the full length of the set is about 13 feet long. It has about 130 captions with over 60 full-color illustrations to help pinpoint the dates when key Bible events and important secular and church events took place. The focus is not on precise chronology (since not all historians agree on dates), but on the scope of human history.

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

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