Rod and Staff Science - Grade 5

Science Grade 5:

God's Wonderful World / God's Marvelous Works, Book 1

In grade 5 we have two science courses:

God's Wonderful World

This course is part of the God's World Science Series, which is a general science program.

In Unit 1, students learn the basics of orderly, scientific study. God's wonderful world is best understood by careful observation and by consistent testing of one's conclusions. Observation of God's power and control is emphasized in Unit 3. In Units 2 and 8, students study and classify various forms of life. In Units 4, 5, and 7 they become acquainted with practical applications of everyday science.

Various paragraphs stress the value of conserving God-given resources and the value of observing safety. The book teaches the principle of prevention and cautions students about harmful chemicals, insects, and plants. In addition to anatomy, Unit 6 teaches good care of the human body.

The theme and title of this book is God's Wonderful World. The many marvels of science and the numerous quotations from the Book of Psalms emphasize this theme.

Students will appreciate the interesting writing style of this book. And the pupil's book uses color pictures where color is important.

God's Marvelous Works, Book 1

This course is part of the original science series, which focus on life science—plants, animals, and people.

This nature series is designed to open both the eye and the mind. Plants and animals surround us, yet often we are unseeing and unthankful. The goal of these studies is to cultivate an alert, receptive attitude and an enjoyment and appreciation of the almost endless variety that the Creator has given. Each fact understood and remembered will provide a foundation for further interest and observation.

See sample lessons from both these courses here:

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