Rod and Staff Social Studies - Grade 5

Social Studies Grade 5:

Homelands of North America

Pupil's Textbook

This hardcover textbook gives Grade 5 pupils a glimpse of the geography, history, and economics of the United States and Canada. There are 78 lessons including the reviews at the end of each chapter.

This book contains many maps, illustrations, and photographs. "Study Exercises" provide a basic review for each lesson. The classes that have more time or the students who ne d extra work will find extra material in "Further Study." These questions are often excellent for class discussion.

Beginning in Chapter 2, a part called "So Far This Year" gives exercises for a cumulative review of the main concepts studied to that point.

Mapmaking and geographical knowledge are emphasized throughout the course. The lessons dealing with geography or map study include a set of exercises called "Gaining Geographical Skills." Students are often directed to trace a map and fill in details. The outline maps are included in the back of the pupil's textbook and may be copied or traced as needed.

Teacher's Manual

The Teacher's Manual is a hardcover book that includes teaching helps and extra information.

The "Main Points" are the most important concepts to be taught in the lesson. The main facts or concepts appear in boldface type, and additional information is in regular type. You will find a star beside the most important item or items.

Wherever applicable, you will find a heading entitled "Christian Perspective." Items under this heading give a Christian viewpoint on the lesson.

Fifth graders will not fully comprehend some of these spiritual principles, but the teacher can benefit from them personally, or present them to the students as he sees best.

The "Answer Key" includes the exercises as they appear in the pupil's book with the answers in bold. A reduced copy of each test with answers in place is also included.

Chapter Tests

The chapter tests and the final test are bound in a booklet with tear-out sheets.

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

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