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Art Grade 6:

Art With a Purpose

Art With a Purpose Series

Artpacs available for Grades 1-8 are prepared by Share-a-Care Publications. The Artpac number is the recommended grade level. However, grades may be effectively combined, using a packet near the actual grade levels. Each child will need an Artpac. It is recommended that the teacher also have his own Artpac to do sample lessons beforehand.

Each Artpac is a complete packet of sheets that has 37 well-planned step-by-step art lessons. The teacher's instructions for each lesson list the materials needed, the purpose, and practical directions to develop the simple art skills. Most lessons provide art sheets for the pupil's work.

These are all ready to use, and are a timesaver for the teacher. You don't need to be an accomplished artist to teach it, and the student does not need to be artistically gifted to enjoy and profit from it. Carefulness in following directions is necessary to achieve the desired result.

Artpac 6

Lessons 1-6: Careful coloring and accurate shading techniques using colored pencils.

Lessons 7-11: Guidance in drawing faces.

Lessons 12-16: Simple lettering with careful layout and spacing.

Lessons 17-22: Copying, enlarging, and reducing a picture using the grid method.

Lessons 23-25: Paper cutting of intricate designs for use as stencils or borders.

Lessons 26-30: Drawing animals freehand, beginning with simple shapes and then adding details.

Lessons 31-36: Introducing simple perspective drawing in relation to eye level.

The accuracy and attractiveness of the finished art pieces may be a pleasant surprise. We hope inspiration will be created to continue using these simple techniques in further practice.

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

Purchase these and other Art textbooks at
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