Rod and Staff Bible - Grade 6

Bible Grade 6:

God's Chosen Family as a Nation


With the Bible as the textbook, the 30 lessons in this pupil's workbook cover Old Testament times from King Saul to the prophet Malachi in chronological sequence, with one lesson on the period between the two Testaments. The importance of right choices and the awful results of rejecting God's truth through His messengers are seen in these lessons of the kings of Israel.

Each of the 6 chapters has four regular lessons following the chronological study and then a review. The supplementary lesson between each chapter teaches about "Life in Bible Times" and gives practice in using Bible study helps.

Each regular lesson includes five parts.

Lesson Introduction

A. Answers From the Bible is the core of the course.

B. Bible Word Study includes exercises with unfamiliar words.

C. Thinking About Bible Truths has questions for class discussion or additional assignments, which are often more challenging than the other exercises.

D. Learning More About the Bible helps the student understand Bible facts, customs, and lands, using drawings, maps, and so forth.

Time lines are included at the beginning of each chapter for the scope of that chapter. A time line on the inside front cover includes the scope of the whole book.


The test booklet, with 6 chapter tests and a final test, has tear-out sheets.

Teacher's Manual

This Teacher's Manual, bound with a durable, soft cover, has a reduced copy of each pupil's page and test, with the answers filled in. Besides the filled-in answer key, lesson helps include: Oral Review, Lesson Scope, Main Events (or Main Points), Objectives, Truth to Instill, and marginal notes and directions. Suggestions for two- or three-day lesson plans, Bible memorization, and helps for teaching subjective thinking skills are also included at the beginning of the manual.

Time Line: The Human Register

Thirteen laminated wall cards, each 12" wide by 9" high, have about 130 captions with 60 full-color illustrations to help mark the dates when important events took place. These cards may be mounted in one unbroken line.

This supplementary time line covers the entire scope of time from Creation to our present day. The focus is not on precise chronology (since not all historians agree on dates), but on the scope of human history. The time line should help children to see Bible events as historical facts that happened on this earth to real people like us.

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