Rod and Staff Science - Grade 6

Science Grade 6:

God's Inhabited World / God's Marvelous Works, Book Two

In grade 6 we have two science courses:

God's Inhabited World

This course is part of the God's World Science Series, which is a general science program.

This course contains 37 lessons, including reviews. It covers the solar system, energy, food chains, electricity and magnetism, body systems and health, and the earth with its support of life. The book theme, "God's Inhabited World," strongly emphasizes how God designed the earth for life and designed life for the earth. The spiritual tone is drawn from the Book of Isaiah, and the values of good stewardship are emphasized. Students will appreciate the helpful illustrations and the aspiring tone of the text. The teacher's manual contains a copy of each pupil page, plus answer keys, lesson guides, and other helpful teaching aids.

God's Marvelous Works, Book 2

This course is part of the original science series, which focus on life science—plants, animals, and people.

Pupil's Textbook

This hardcover textbook, containing 30 lessons, helps students to see the order, design, and harmony that God has created in the delicate relationship of the plants and animals that surround us. The goal ofthese studies is to cultivate an alertness, an enjoyment, and an appreciation, as well as to stimulate further interest and observation for the vast variety of common life that the Creator has provided in the Americas.

Each of the 4 units begins with a poem. The first unit focuses on simple forms of plant life, known as algae and fungi, including mushrooms, puff balls, lichens, molds, and yeasts. Studies of mammals, some sea life, and amphibians follow in consecutive units. Suggestions for a class project are included in most of the lessons.


The 4 unit tests are bound in a booklet with tear-out sheets.

Teacher's Edition

The hardcover Teacher's Edition has reduced copies of the pupil's pages. Each unit begins with Helpful Hints for the Teacher. Illustrations shown on the title page are listed under Identification of Title Page Illustrations, followed by an Introduction Story to be read to the students.

Most lessons include Suggested Materials for the Lesson, Presenting the Lesson, Title Piece and Tailpiece Identification, Glossary Words, and Answers to Questions to guide the teacher in lesson preparation and presentation.

Sources of some supplementary materials are given at the beginning and throughout the book. Additional Information to stimulate interest is provided in various lessons. This may be Scripture passages or other facts. Copies of the unit tests in reduced size, with answers filled in, are found at the back of the book.

Happy Times With God's Creation

The 108 plates in this coloring book correspond with twenty-eight of the thirty lessons in the above course. The work can be used as a supplement or as a review by the entire class by giving individual assignments from one or more books. Or, if each child has a copy, the work could be studied or completed along with each week's work.

See sample lessons from both these courses here:

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

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