Rod and Staff Social Studies - Grade 6

Social Studies Grade 6:

Understanding Latin America

Pupil's Textbook

This hardcover textbook teaches the geography and history of Latin America from a Biblical viewpoint. By gaining a better understanding of the earth and its people in relation to God's dealings, pupils can be better fitted for the service of God. An Atlas of eight colored maps is at the front of the book.

Vocabulary words, listed at the beginning of each chapter part, are included in the Glossary near the end of the book.

Study Exercises, spaced throughout the chapters, focus on the main concepts and are often essay-type questions.

Reviewing What You Have Learned covers the main facts and concepts studied in that part.

In Chapters 1-8, Gaining Geographical Skills provides map practice. Maps to trace are found in the Map Section at the end of the book.

In Chapters 9-12, Further Study and Research suggests further studies on given topics.

Using What You Know offers additional material for class discussion or extra work for able students.

A Chapter Review, found at the end of each chapter, lists facts and concepts taught in that chapter. It is intended as class discussion or individual study (not as written work) in preparation for the chapter test.

Chapters 2-12 each have a set of objective-type exercises, called So Far This Year, to review and drill main facts studied previously.

At the end of the book, besides the Map Section and Glossary referred to above, a chart of Countries of Latin America lists some basic information and statistics for easy reference.


The 12 chapter tests and a final test are printed on tear-out sheets in this booklet.

Teacher's Manual

This hardcover manual does not include copies of the pupil's text. General helps for the teacher are provided at the beginning of the book. Drill on Latin American geography is encouraged and some tips are given.

The Teacher's Manual has four main sections for each chapter part of the pupil's book.

Main Points are printed in boldface, with further information given in regular type.

Related Points offer extra information to broaden and balance the teacher's understanding.

The Christian Perspective presents specific principles of God's truth as they apply to the chapter material. Since geography and history can focus primarily on things of this world, the Christian teacher wishes to focus on man's dependence upon God, rather than on man's accomplishments.

The Answer Key includes the students' exercises in italicized type and answers in bold print.

At the end of the book are copies of the tests with the answers filled in.

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