Rod and Staff Music - Grade 7

Music Grade 7:

Developing in Music

Pupil's Textbook

This course may be used for Grade 6 or 7, or a combination of grades. In this textbook with a durable, soft cover, each of the 6 chapters is divided into shorter lesson parts by subtitles. Each chapter ends with a set of study questions and a one-page account of a well-known hymn author.

The Appendix has three helpful sections: Sight Reading Exercises provide supplementary drills for singing practice in addition to using a hymnbook. The first six drills practice singing the tones and intervals of the scale, and the other ten drills emphasize the length of time a tone is sung. Twelve Three-part Songs are printed for singing practice. The Glossary completes the book.


The 28 one-page lessons in this workbook cover the scope of material in the pupil's textbook, although the lesson sheets do not exactly match the numbered lessons in the teacher's manual.


Six chapter tests and a final test are printed on separate, tear-out sheets in this booklet.

Teacher's Manual

In this softcover book, instructions for each lesson are given in the following three sections: Teaching the Lesson suggests how to present lesson concepts and conduct class discussions. Conducting the Singing Period suggests songs to sing relating to the lesson. Songs are found either in the back of the pupil textbook or in the songbook Christian Hymnal (available from Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.). Quiz Questions may be used in various ways.

The concluding part, Answer Section, offers answers for the study questions in the textbook lessons, for the workbook, and for the tests.

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

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