Rod and Staff Social Studies - Grade 8

Social Studies Grade 8:

Understanding North American History

Grade 8 covers the geography and history of North America.

Table of Contents

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Unit One: North American Geography

Chapter 1. Geography of the United States and Canada

Unit Two: Times of Exploration and Settlement, 1000-1750

Chapter 2. Discovery and Exploration

Chapter 3. American Indians

Chapter 4. Spanish Exploration of North America

Chapter 5. New France

Chapter 6. English Colonies

Chapter 7. Colonial Life in America

Unit Three: Times of Founding, 1650-1790

Chapter 8. British North America

Chapter 9. The American Revolution

Chapter 10. American Government

Unit Four: Times of Growth, 1790-1850

Chapter 11. National Beginnings

Chapter 12. National Progress

Chapter 13. National Development

Chapter 14. National Expansion

Unit Five: Times of Trouble, 1850-1877

Chapter 15. "A House Divided": The 1850s

Chapter 16. The Civil War

Chapter 17. Reconstruction

Chapter 18. The Development of Canada

Unit Six: Times of Change, 1859-1920

Chapter 19. The Last Frontier

Chapter 20. The Industrial Age

Chapter 21. World Power

Chapter 22. Progressive Reform

Chapter 23. The United States and World War I

Unit Seven: Modern Times, 1920-2000

Chapter 24. Prosperity and Hardship

Chapter 25. The United States and World War II

Chapter 26. Tranquil Years: America in the 1950s

Chapter 27. Turbulent Years: America in the 1960s

Chapter 28. Recent Years: America From 1970 into the 2000s

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

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