Rod and Staff Preschool A-B-C Series

Rod and Staff does not provide kindergarten like some other publishers. Instead, Rod and Staff first grade starts at the very beginning in the study of the language arts in their Bible Nurture and Readers Series. This is also true in the math program. No previous preparation is required. It would assume a child would be about 6 years of age to begin the first grade program.

Since many parents and schools like some introduction to books and learning before the first grade, Rod and Staff has prepared a Preschool Program that introduces the child to many activities that will be useful when they begin first grade.

Preschool A-B-C Series

This Rod and Staff Preschool A-B-C Series provides the answer to the preschooler's question, "What can I do?" with constructive materials to use at home with parental guidance in preparation for school.

Six 64-page workbooks give practice is coloring, cutting, pasting, learning numbers, recognizing letters, and following directions. The 135-page storybook has pictures, oral questions, and Bible memory. This series provides constructive exercises for the development of visual, auditory, mental, motor, and oral skills.

Each book includes instructions for the parents. There are also ideas for discussion to call the child's attention to the many everyday things that will help rivet the concepts being taught.

Preschool G-H-I Series

This series extends the A-B-C series. It provides six more books to help build a good scholastic foundation for the preschool child. This series uses a specific geographic region as a theme for each book, giving the added advantage of teaching geographic awareness by association as well as an awareness of God as the Creator. The exercises are designed for the child to do with adult guidance.

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Adventures with Books teaches following simple directions, the 8 basic colors, how to color correctly, and 3 basic shapes, along with a few familiar concepts, such as up-down, big-small, and left-right.

Bible Pictures to Color is a coloring book with 60 pictures that illustrate the stories in Bible Stories to Read.

Bible Stories to Read has 60 simply-told Bible stories for the parent to read to the child before he colors the corresponding picture in Bible Pictures to Color. Each story includes several questions and answers as well as a short Bible-memory selection.

Counting with Numbers teaches the child to identify, write, and know the meanings of the numbers 1-10. It teaches number sequence and simple math-related words, such as more, less, empty, full, first, and last.

Do It Carefully introduces discriminating between different shapes, letters, and words; writing letters and the child's name; and hearing sevearl initial consonant sounds. Some exercises are included to develop thinking skills.

Everywhere We Go reviews skills taught in the previous books, such as colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, while encouraging personal responsibility and courtesy. The child will learn about children in different lands and hear some new consonant sounds.

Finding the Answers develops thinking skills through hearing rhyming words, identifying sequence, making comparisons and associations, and understanding sentences and short stories.

Going On Eagerly reviews the eight basic colors, the four basic shapes, writing and counting numbers 0 through 10, and identifying sequence. It will also include drawing missing parts and simple pictures. A polar theme will help acquaint the child with the animals and habitat of the polar regions.

Hearing and Helping, with a rain forest theme, includes practice in hearing initial consonant sounds and rhyming words; understanding words in sentence context, as well as following instructions. Exercises also include examples of families and children helping others.

Inside and Outside has a woodland theme, and includes practice in following directions, basic shapes and colors, counting, reading a thermometer, observing types of weather, and studying the habitats of various woodlands around the world.

Just Thinking and Choosing, with a mountain theme, provides cutting and pasting practice on most page spreads. The oval shape and ordinal numbers are introduced. Exercises include counting; learning about health and safety; recognizing sequence of shapes and pictures; identifying opposites, group similarities, object usage, and analogies; and learning about Guatemala.

Keep Doing It Carefully, with a desert and grassland theme, offers practice in tracing and drawing lines and designs; tracing and writing letters, words, and numbers; and matching letters and words by visual discrimination. The color gray and the calendar are introduced. The colors, the six shapes, and the numbers 1-10 are briefly reviewed.

Learning More and More, with an ocean theme, reviews using eleven colors, counting and writing numbers 0 through 12, identifying and drawing six shapes, and hearing rhyming and beginning sounds. It includes counting by 1s and 2s, identifying numbers on a clock, matching capital and small letters, and mixing paint colors. The other six habitats of this series are briefly reviewed.

My Writing Book supplements the GHI series, providing practice with writing each manuscript letter of the alphabet (both capital and small forms) and numbers 1 to 25. Other exercises include writing the child's name, number words, and the name of each day of the week. The child also practices counting with fingers and learning a song about the days of the week. The accompanying pictures are to be colored.

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