Rod and Staff Penmanship - Grade 4

Penmanship Grade 4:

Penmanship for Christian Writing

Good penmanship is a mark of Christian carefulness and courtesy because writing that is difficult to read is not appreciated. Good penmanship is necessary for good communication and is an aid to efficiency because well-written messages are far less time consuming to read than those poorly written. Good penmanship will affect students' attitudes for doing their best work. It will also leave a good testimony for your school program because penmanship is the first thing that impresses the critical eye, before the quality of work done is apparent. The main emphasis of Grade 4 is perfecting the students' cursive handwriting.

Pupil's Workbook

The penmanship workbook is composed of 30 lessons on perforated pages, designed for one lesson per week.

The first few lessons review the formation of slant print letters and writing numerals before the cursive strokes are reviewed. Beginning with Lessons 7, the various aspects of quality—slant, alignment, size, proportion, spacing, and neatness, as well as the correct formation of the cursive small and capital letters—are reviewed.

Throughout the year, the pupils write many sentences about animals. Each lesson has blank practice lines on the back of the perforated sheet.

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide shows a reduced pupil's page and gives detailed teaching instructions for each lesson. Special instructions are given for lefthanded pupils. Evaluation and grading guidelines are included.

Penmanship Tablet

An optional 3/8" five-lined penmanship tablet of 100 sheets ruled on both sides is available for any writing practice or assignments. The spaced lines help children proportion their letters properly, which in turn helps them to be able to estimate letter proportion when they write on paper with only a base line, which is what is done generally in most writing.

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Click on a book to see sample pages.

Purchase these and other Penmanship textbooks at
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