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The 60 lessons in A Time to Build contain forty narratives, six selections of Bible prose, four selections of Bible poetry, six English poems, and four composition themes (of which two are Scripture passages).

These selections have been chosen for their integrity and worthwhile contribution to building character. The stories include lessons from history and the present day, from foreign countries and North America, from grownups and schoolchildren, from nature and human experiences.

With the Bible as the textbook, the 30 lessons in God's Chosen Family as a Nation cover Old Testament times from King Saul to the prophet Malachi in chronological sequence, with one lesson on the period between the two Testaments. The importance of right choices and the awful results of rejecting God's truth through His messengers are seen in these lessons of the kings of Israel.

Each of the 6 chapters has four regular lessons following the chronological study and then a review. The supplementary lesson between each chapter teaches about "Life in Bible Times" and gives practice in using Bible study helps.

The 170 lessons in Grade 6 include the reviews and tests. The lessons explain and illustrate new concepts, which are built on concepts taught in the previous grades. Some new concepts taught in Grade 6 include greatest common factor; decimal-fraction-percent equivalents; finding discounts, commissions, and interest; conversions between English and metric measures; finding areas of parallelograms, triangles, and circles; using a protractor; and constructing graphs.

The 132 lessons in Progressing with Courage explain and illustrate the new concepts with continuous drill and review practice provided. Lessons on oral and written composition are interspersed throughout the book with plenty of how-to-do-it examples given.

Grade 6 provides 34 weekly lessons. Each regular lesson lists sixteen New Words and four Review Words. Each lesson has four main parts and an additional part to challenge able students.

God's Inhabited World contains 37 lessons, including reviews. It covers the solar system, energy, food chains, electricity and magnetism, body systems and health, and the earth with its support of life.

Understanding Latin America teaches the geography and history of Latin America from a Biblical viewpoint. By gaining a better understanding of the earth and its people in relation to God's dealings, pupils can be better fitted for the service of God.

Developing in Music may be used for Grade 6 or 7, or a combination of grades. In this textbook with a durable, soft cover, each of the 6 chapters is divided into shorter lesson parts by subtitles. Each chapter ends with a set of study questions and a one-page account of a well-known hymn author.

Artpac 6

Lessons 1-6: Careful coloring and accurate shading techniques using colored pencils.

Lessons 7-11: Guidance in drawing faces.

Lessons 12-16: Simple lettering with careful layout and spacing.

Lessons 17-22: Copying, enlarging, and reducing a picture using the grid method.

Lessons 23-25: Paper cutting of intricate designs for use as stencils or borders.

Lessons 26-30: Drawing animals freehand, beginning with simple shapes and then adding details.

Lessons 31-36: Introducing simple perspective drawing in relation to eye level.

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Purchase these books from the
Grade 6 Textbooks at Rod and Staff Books

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